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Smithsonite after Calcite, Rosiclare Level Victory Mine, Spar Mountain Area, Cave-in-Rock District Southern Illinois, Collected 1963, Dr. Perry & Anne Bynum Collection, Miniature 2.1 x 2.3 x 3.0 cm, $125. Online 724. SOLD.


  • $ 12500

A smithsonite TN/miniature of one of the most highly sought species from the district. I was absolutely thrilled to acquire a few of these pieces. They are incredibly rare. My original collection (RCL) boasted one of these which I acquired from the collection of George Loud. The other significant comment I can make is the date and location. In my experience the location of the Victory Mine and the date of collection, 1963, is unique with any of the older collections. The information is a fantastic piece of puzzle provenance. It is unclear if the Perry's self-collected this pocket or if they purchased, or, perhaps a little of both but in any case the minerals were expertly packed and preserved. Note the altered limestone matrix with inter-grown light brown sphalerite and galena, both potential sources for secondary mineralization in this near surface ore body. Dr. H. Perry & Anne Bynum Collection.