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Quartz with Rutile Inclusions, Khapholo Mine, Khapolo Valley, Iskardu City, Northern Areas, Gilgit, Pakistan Medium cabinet 9 x 11 x 11 cm $2500. Online 5/23 SOLD


  • $ 2,50000

Pakistan is well known for great tourmalines and exotic rare species from pegmatites but exceptionally fine rutliated quartz is not common from the area. This is quite a fine specimen with abundant very well developed iridescent reddish-brown acicular rutile projecting throughout the transparent quartz. A beautiful example from a region now not only dangerous to travel to but one very difficult to acquire material from as the Chinese dominate the market here. Tiny edge abrasion on termination but overall in pristine condition. Dr. J. Gebel Collection. Custom mount on beveled 1 inch acrylic base with engraved label in white.