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Quartz on Fluorite, Sub-Rosiclare Level Deardorff Mine attr., Ozark-Mahoning Company, Cave-in-Rock District Southern Illinois, Mined ca. 1950s-1960s, Noll Collection #CN1759, Small Cabinet 5.5 x 9.5 x 11.0 cm, $200. Online 7/11. SOLD.


  • $ 20000

Combination of light blueish/gray, semi-transparent fluorite with white drusy quartz. The specimen is 'double sided' with equally fine crystallization. Just barely attached along base. The location for this piece is hard to pin down but for certain it is one of the older specimens I have handled. At first blush it appears to be from the Deardorff Mine judging by the association with drusy quartz, the color of fluorite and overall 'stratiform-like' nature. However, it is from an old collection out of Northwestern University which dates well back into the early 20th century so it is possible it is indeed from the Rosiclare District. If that is the case it would likely be from one of the great fissure mines in Rosiclare and have been mined from ca. 1920s-1950s. In either case, it is quite old and significant. Moderate cleaves on a few coners typical of the era. Provenance: Northwestern University Collection; to Dave Crawford; to Charles Noll as #CN1759. Entered into Ross C. Lillie database as RCL2609.