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Pyargyrite on Stephanite with Argentopyrite, Alberoda Mine No. 366, Freiberg, Germany Miniature 2.7 x 3.5 x 4.5 cm $9500. Online 12/4 STOLEN- PLEASE CONTACT ME IF ANYONE SEES THIS FOR SALE OR IN A COLLECTION-THANKS!!


  • $ 9,50000

Group of lustrous, prismatic pyrargyite on stephanite with associated argentopyrite. The pyrargyrite xls. reach 1.2 cm and have flat basal pinacoidal terminations on hexagonal prisms. The specimen displays great with good three dimensionality and is in great condition. A European classic and one of Mr. Walther's top miniatures, if not the best miniature in his collection. Jorg Walther Collection #748.