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Polished Fluorite, Annabel Lee Mine, Harris Creek District, Southern Illinois 2.7 cm on edge $75.


  • $ 7500

Fluorite octahedrons are fashioned from fluorite crystals. Octahedrons are shaped by tapping along cleavage planes with a small hand-held chisels. Literally millions of octahedrons were chipped by the miners and company employees over the approximately 150 year period the mines were operating. Only an extremely small portion of them were polished however as the process is exceedingly time consuming and problematic. This octahedron was polished by Tom Zuchnik who had mastered the technique through his own equipment innovations. His quality is renowned. The octahedron was chipped by Jimmy Ray Belford who worked as a mechanic in the mines. Richly zoned in yellow and purple with included conical etching. No faults.