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Microcline with Albite and Elbaite, Manebach Twin, Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande, San Diego County, CA, Dr. David London Collection L-339, Medium Cabinet 5.0 x 10.0 x 11.5 cm, $600. Online 4/9/15.


  • $ 60000

Sharp, Manebach Twin from the famous Himalaya Mine in San Diego County. This is one of the very early specimens mined in the development of the locality, namely, c. early 20th century and from the important E.E. Foord Collection. The crystal has excellent size and wonderful twin planes. One side of the crystal has bladed albite with associated elbaite. There is the imprint of a quartz crystal on one lower edge that suggests the microcline was 'popped' off matrix when collected as a prized crystal. Classic California location. There is one chip on one upper edge of the microcline that appears natural with clear evidence of re-growth. Dr. David London Collection L-339. Very rare on today's market.