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Hematite on Lepidocrocite and Barite, Kremikovzi Mine, northeast about 15 miles from Sofia, Bulgaria, Mined c. 1990s, Medium cabinet 7.0 x 11. 0 x 12.0 cm, $300. Online 8/21 SOLD


  • $ 30000

An open pit iron mine northeast of Sofia operated for many years until final closure about 12 years ago. Many minerals were produced but not many preserved as the deposit did not receive the recognition or attention of the international community like Madan and Zlatograd. However, local mineral enthusiasts near Sofia collected and built suites of specimens from the deposit such as this fine botryoidal hematite on matrix of lepidocrocite and brecciated barite. The specimen has fantastic luster and good three dimensional form with a surface that resembles Pahoehoe lava flows. Mined c. 1990s. A very rare specimen from Bulgaria.