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Galena and Calcite Block 18, Level 734, Gjudurska mine, Zlatograd District, Southern Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria Large Cabinet 7.5 x 12.5 x 17.5 cm $2500. SOLD.


  • $ 2,50000

Very bright, silvery metallic group of galena with associated bladed greenish calcite and tiny transparent quartz. This is the best large stalactitic galena groups I acquired from the pocket. It has only one small attachment point on the base (third photo from top) that shows concentric growth compatible with stalactites. The miners who found the specimens recalled that these specimens were hanging from the top of the pocket. In all of my experience in Bulgaria, over 15 years now, I have never seen this type of morphology. An amazing specimen. One small cleave on a crystal off to the right edge but otherwise in great condition. Mined November 18-21, 2009.