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SOLD Galena, Gjudurska Mine, Zlatograd District, Southern Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria, Mined 2010, 4.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 cm, $250. Online 06/02


  • $ 25000

Bulgarian galena ranks with the finest in the world and in terms of sheer variety, number produced, associations with other species, morphology and pure perfection of form it is arguably the finest location in the world. This specimen is a fine example of cubes modified by octahedrons but it also exhibits layered mosaic texture on the surface of the cubes that align with the octahedron. There are also small concave indentations (see close-up photo) in the surface that reflect liquid fluid inclusions )see close-up photo). Virtually undamaged and aesthetic specimen from mining 2010.