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Galena and Sphalerite with Pyrite on Quartz, 9th of September Mine, Madan District, Smolyan Oblast, Bulgaria, Small Cabinet 2.5 x 8.0 x 8.7 cm, $250. Online 6/6.


  • $ 25000

The Deveti Septemvri (9th of September) Mine is arguably the finest ore body in Madan both in terms of grade and quality and sheer number of specimens. I really like this piece for a couple of reasons, namely, it has 5 of the major species (galena, sphalerite, quartz, pyrite and chalcopyrite), it is wonderfully balanced in terms of dispersement of the crystals, it is a floater with no point of attachment and the quartz has the distinctive light greenish tinge from micro inclusions of chlorite. A classic specimen from the mine in great condition.