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Fluorite with Hydrocarbons, Rosicare District, attr. Fairview Mine, ALCOA, Rosiclare, Illinois Medium/large cabinet 5.5 x 13 x 16 cm $450. Online 3/18. SOLD


  • $ 45000

Group of rosy purple fluorite with associated spots and blebs of hydrocarbon. Classic vein-type form, color and crystal size. Condition: a few small surface cleaves typical of older-era material. Provenance: Jim DuFoe Collection #11A-201; sold to Charles Noll ca. 1970s (Noll #CN1336); donated to Marquette University; brokered by Seaman Museum; sold to Ross Lillie at Tucson 2016. Entered into Ross C. Lillie database as RCL2566. Database notes: 

Excellent specimen of typical vein-type spar showing silky luster and classic stepped surfaces. Note episodic layers of spar with early colorless grading into grape purple.