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Fluorite on Muscovite, Chumar Bakoor, Gilgit District, Northen Areas Pakistan, Collected c. 2008, Dr. J. Gebel Collection, Medium Cabinet 8.0 x 10.5 x 11.5 cm, $6000. Online 4/20/15.


  • $ 6,00000

Penetration-Law fluorite octahedron, up to 6.5 on edge, on well crystallized muscovite with associated smaller fluorite octahedrons. Fine fluorites are really rare from Pakistan and were difficult to find on the open market even when this piece was collected in 2008 before the area became even more dangerous. The color is zoned in pastel shades of light pink and green classic from pegmatite occurrences. In top condition. Dr. James Gebel Collection. Comes with the bonus of a custom mounted Sunnywood base.