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Fluorite on Dolomite, Shimen, Hunan, China Medium cabinet 6 x 10 x 15 cm $2500. Online 5/21


  • $ 2,50000

Transparent, modified fluorite zoned in light purple and pastel blue with dolomite matrix and associated micro chalcopyrite. The form is cubic with very well developed dodecahedrons. This is one of the very early Chinese fluorites to arrive in the U.S. back around 1987. Gail Hall Collection CW-3. To quote Ms. Hall on her ID card "This specimen was originally in the Peking Geological Museum. Chris Wright traded some Arkansas material for some of the Chinese minerals. The Peking Geological Museum need the former to fill out a display. This is one of the better pieces to come out of China." Individual crystals to one inch and virtually damage-free.