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SOLD Fluorite, LaFarge Dundas Quarry, SW Corner, Top Level, North of 4th Concession, Dundas, Ontario, Canada Miniature 4 x 5 x 6 cm $250. Online 6/19


  • $ 25000

Light cinnamon brown glassy fluorite with associated limestone matrix. This is one of the premier locations in southern Ontario for fluorite. The color, habit, luster and translucency is amazingly similar to the quarry locations in the Midwest U.S. especially those of Fort Wayne and Clay Center, however, specimens saved from the Canadian location are exceedingly rare in comparison. I acquired this from one of the Elliott brothers who worked for LaFarge and had permission to collect in the quarry. It is in perfect shape and bears all the hallmarks for fluorite from this location. Collected from a new blast zone August/September 2009.