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Azurite on Kaolinized Siltstone, Malbunka Copper Mine, Areyonga, Northern Territory, Australia, Collected c. 2009, Kalaskie Collection #269, Small Cabinet, 1.5 x 6.7 x 8.5 cm, $650. Online 1/12


  • $ 65000

Perfectly round azurite disk, 4.5 cm across, on ivory white siltstone matrix. This location produces a number of fantastic azurite 'suns' but exceedingly few with perfect symmetry and fine crystallization as this piece. Mined by Dehne McGlaughlin ca. 2009. No faults. Betty Kalaskie Collection #269. (Note: I acquired this piece from Dehne at the 2010 Tucson Show and sold it to Betty at the Cincinnati show in 2010, and I'm very pleased to get it back.)