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SOLD Fluorite Octahedron with Chalcopyrite Inclusions, attr. Bahama Pod Denton Mine, Ozark-Mahoning Company, Harris Creek District Southern Illinois, Kalaskie Collection #42-299, Small Cabinet 4.5 cm on edge, $125. Online 4/3


  • $ 12500

Zoned blue and purple fluorite octahedron with hundreds of chalcopyrite inclusions. Fluorite cleavage octahedrons were fashioned by the miners by tapping fluorite crystals along the cleavage planes. Since fluorite has 4 perfect cleavage directions it was possible to achieve an 8 sided polyhedron utilizing a hand held chisel with a sharp blade. Literally millions of these were chipped over the nearly 150 year producing years. This octahedron is very well fashioned, has fine transparency, vivid color and displays well from any angle. Betty Kalaskie Collection #42-299.