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SOLD Sphalerite with Fluorite and Barite, Rosiclare Level North-End Denton Mine, Ozark-Mahoning Company, Harris Creek District, Southern Illinois, Mined ca. 1985, Holzner Collection #750, Miniature 2.5 x 5.5 x 6.5 cm, $280. Online 4/30.


  • $ 28000

SOLD Rich group of lustrous, deep brown sphalerite with associated orange/yellow barite and rosy-purple fluorite. This specimen is from an ore body I'm quite familiar with as I discovered and drilled it out in the early 1980s: when I was working at Ozark-Mahoning, it carried the nickname "Lillie Pod". An excellent example of the complex habit typical of the ore body and in excellent condition. Nice specimen from mining circa 1985. Ken and Marilee Holzner Collection #750.