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Fluorite with Chalcopyrite, Pea Ridge Mine, Sullivan, Missouri, Mined ca. early 1980s, Kalaskie Collection #42-86, Miniature 2.2 x 3.0 x 4.3 cm, $125. Online 1/12.


  • $ 12500

This is a nice miniature from one of my favorite fluorite localities in the Midwest. The Pea Ridge was an underground Iron mine, a real rarity these days, and produced a whole range of minerals including calcite, chalcopyrite, fluorapatite, fluorite and other species over a long and productive history. Piece has fluorite crystals up to 2 cm on edge with typical hematite druse and associated chalcopyrite. Mined ca. early 1980s. Tiny chip on edge of main crystal.  Betty Kalaskie Collection #42-86.