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Fluorite, Rosiclare Level Cross-Cut Ore Body, Minerva #1 Mine, Ozark-Mahoning Company, Cave-in-Rock District, Southern Illinois, Mined c. 1990-1995, Tolonen Collection, Miniature 3.0 x 3.5 x 4.5 cm $250. Online 1/15 SOLD


  • $ 25000

Glassy, semi-transparent, rich yellow fluorite to 4.5 on edge with just a hint of purple on the outer rim. There is a perfect concave 'hole' 1.7 cm in diameter on the surface: barite forms as convex, hemispheric balls both in and on fluorite and at some point during the mineralization process becomes metastable and dissolves leaving visual evidence of prior form. Classic specimen from Cave-in-Rock in great condition. Mined ca. 1990-1995. Tolonen collection.