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Fluorite and Galena with Quartz and Sphalerite, Hill-Ledford Mine, Ozark-Mahoning Company, Cave-in-Rock District, Southern Illinois, Mined ca. early 1960's, Noll Collection #1578, Medium Cabinet 8.0 x 10.0 x 11.0 cm, $125. Online 3/18. SOLD.


  • $ 12500

Combination of zoned deep purple fluorite, modified cubic galena, drusy quartz and resinous brown sphalerite. Classic specimen from mining ca. 1960s. Condition: large fluorite crystal, 4.5 cm, has a small cleave on corner. Provenance: Precious Earth Company (Germantown, WI); sold to Charles Noll (Noll #CN1578); donated to Marquette University; brokered by  Seaman Museum; sold to Ross Lillie Tucson 2016.