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Calcite and Barite on Fluorite, Sub-Rosiclare Level, Lillie Pod, Denton Mine, Ozark-Mahoning Company, Harris Creek District, Southern Illinois, Mined c. 1983-1985, Tolonen Collection, Miniature 3.0 x 4.0 x 6.5 cm, $350. Online 1/13. SOLD


  • $ 35000

Combination of intensely orange bladed barite, to 1.2 cm, with scalenohedral calcite crystals to 3 cm on matrix of purple fluorite. The color of the barite is as rich and orange as I have seen from the district. A rarity. Advance mining ca. 1983-1985 in the Lillie Pod, aka, North-End of the Denton Mine. In excellent condition. Tolonen Collection. Entered into Ross C. Lillie database as RCL2561.