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Sphalerite on Fluorite, Rosiclare Level, Butterknife Pod attr., Denton Mine, Ozark-Mahoning Company, Harris Creek District, Southern Illinois, Mined c. 1986-1988, Tolonen Collection, Small Cabinet 4.5 x 7.5 x 8.5 cm, $650. Online 1/15. SOLD.


  • $ 65000

Very high luster sphalerite crystals grouped on richly zoned yellow and blue/purple fluorite. The species are common but the juxtaposition of isolated sphalerite on this color of fluorite is really rare. Advance mining ca. 1986-1988. Tiny chip off to right side of fluorite. Tolonen Collection. Attribution based on nature and luster of sphalerite, color and zoning of fluorite, comparison to other ore bodies within the Denton system and date specimen was acquired. Entered into Ross C. Lillie Collection database as RCL2564.