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Copper, Naumkeag Mine, Lake Superior Copper District, Houghton County, Michigan Miniature 2.2 x 3 x 4,5 cm $450. Online 4/29


  • $ 45000

The Naumkeag Mine is one of the rarest locations to find accurately documented. In 1978, a friend of mine dug out the adit to the mine and I drove up on a weekend to go underground with him. The adit was filled with chest-high, bitter cold water for some 150 feet and by the time one got into the dry workings it took some time to adjust to the temperature. The Naumkeag was an exploration project looking for the extension of the Pewabic Lode on the Houghton-side. It's not certain if they found the same amygdaloid as there is significant structural offset across the canal. The exploration installed a nearly vertical shaft and several extremely long adits driven in search of the flow. In the end no stoping was done but they did leave a pile of ore in a stub heading from which this piece was collected. The patina is an amazing tenorite black with some cuprite on the reverse. Ross C. Lillie Collection.