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Copper, B Shaft, Old Copper Falls Mine, Copper Falls Company, Lake Superior Copper District, Keweenaw County, Michigan TN 5 x 12 x 18 mm $45. Online 4/29 SOLD


  • $ 4500

The Old Copper Falls Mine was one of the very first mining attempts in the Copper Country. A fissure outcropped along a small stream and an adit was driven into the vein. Shafts were sunk in 1844 and some production proceeded in localized rich pods of ore. The vein was rich in silver where it pinched and one several ton mass of copper was found, however, the mine closed after only 2 years and the efforts of the company shifted east to the Owl Creek, Hill, Childs and Petherick fissures. The copper mineralization from the Old Copper Falls is exquisite as typical of many of the smaller fissures in the Keweenaw. This piece shows classic Spinel Law twinning and impressive comb-like structures. I collected it in the Summer of 1985.