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Calcite on Fluorite with Barite and Chalcopyrite Inclusions, Bethel Level, Cave-in-Rock District Southern Illinois, Koster Collection #00194, Miniature 2.5 x 4.5 x 7.0, $45. Online 03/04. SOLD.


  • $ 4500

Group of zoned yellow and light blue fluorite crystals with associated acicular calcite and multiple inclusions of white barite and iridescent chalcopyrite. This is a very unusual specimen as there is typical etching characteristic of the Bethel Level material found in Cave-in-Rock but the white barite inclusions are more usually seen from the Rosiclare Level. A very interesting specimen in terms of inclusions. One tiny cleave on one of the small crystals off to the edge. Sam & Ann Koster Collection #00194.