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Axinite-ferroan, New Melones Dam, Calaveras County, California 1.5 x 2.4 x 3.5 cm $200. Online 9/06 SOLD


  • $ 20000

Glassy, purplish-brown, semi-transparent ferroan-Axinite. I recall when this pocket was accidentally discovered during the building of the New Melones Dam project. A friend of mine, Dr. Ray Guillemette, did field collecting at the site. As I recall from his descriptions, the pocket was found when a bull dozer (or truck) broke through the ceiling of the pocket. The hole was tens of feet across and filled with thousands of fantastic axinite specimens. Ray,and others, managed to collect some pieces before the hole was filled prior to dam completion. A nice miniature from the find and in excellent condition. Collected 1982. A California rarity on the market today.