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Copper with Silver, Nonesuch Shale Formation, White Pine Mine, Copper Range Mining Company, Lake Superior Copper District, Ontonogan County, Michigan Large cabinet 2 x 4.5 x 31 cm $650. Online 11/11.


  • $ 65000

An extraordinarily long and complete floater crystal of copper with associated silver and calcite. The specimen is serpentine and undulates with twists and turns from the wide section at the base to a fine pointed termination. Sections are sharply crystallized with tetrahex faces that elongate along preferential faces. Excellent original patina with rich coppery brown luster. Mined c. early 1990s. No faults. An amazing piece from this closed classic location in the Copper Country. William A.N. Severance Collection #94.10; acq. Gary Richards Fine Minerals.