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Fluorite and Calcite, Hill-Ledford Mine attr., Ozark-Mahoning Company, Cave-in-Rock District, Southern Illinois, Mined ca. early 1960s, Noll Collection #CN10421, Medium Cabinet 8.0 x 12.5 x 18.0 cm, $250. Online 7/19. SOLD.


  • $ 25000

Calcite, 12.5 cm, cementing brecciated fluorite. The calcite is typical of Hill-Ledford with matte luster, pale yellow color and scalenoedral habit. Note it is rotational C-Axis twin. The fluorite is characteristic shades of purples with medium luster and crystals typically 5-10 mm. In overall very fine condition: trivial edge abrasions on fluorite and a tiny rub on calcite. Mined ca. early 1960s. Charles Noll Collection #10421 (ascribed by Seaman Museum). Note there is an old number 573 typed on adhesive tape indicating previous collection.