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Elbaite and Topaz with Albite and Quartz, 1991 London Pocket, Main Dike, Little Three Mine, Ramona, California Small/Medium cabinet 5 x 5 x 11 cm $7500. Online 6/9


  • $ 7,50000

Silky lustered, deep green, prismatic elbaite with sharp basal pinacoid one one end a modified termination on the other. Combination of quartz and albite on base. An exceptionally fine tourmaline from the the locality particularly in terms of size. Very tiny little chips on termination and one edge rub that has been professionally stabilized. Dr. London describes the significance of the specimen as " is in a class by itself for what it is and where it came from. I know of no other of its size from the Little Three, certainly not its sharpness for that size, and it is the ONLY large tourmaline from the 
Little Three with a raspberry-colored jacket. Those jackets were restricted to the west end of the 1991 pocket on a few little crystals. Dr. David London collection #L-222.