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Apatite on Albite, Mt. Mica, Paris, Maine Dr. David London Collection L-124 (self-collected July 2012), Medium Cabinet 8.0 x 11.5 x 14.5 cm, $250. Online 4/9/15.


  • $ 25000

A lens of albite is the matrix for 2 phases of shiny apatite crystals: the 1st phase are light gray prismatic crystals to 1.7 cm that nearly enclose an open area of albite; the 2nd phase of bright, light minty green crystals, typically 3mm. richly scattered within the open area. The matrix and sides of the albite also have numerous apatite crystals of both generations. Nice open vugs from Mt. Mica are uncommon difficult to obtain. Classic Eastern location and self-collected by Dr. David London in July 2012. Major display area in very excellent condition. Some contact on perimeters where specimen was apparently lodged in pocket. London # L-124.