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Quartz on Fluorite, Rosiclare Level attr., Shipp & Covert Mine, Lead Hill District, Southern Illinois, Ron Roberts Collection BPQ-12, Medium Cabinet 7.0 x 9.5 x 18.0 cm, $300. Online 5/11.


  • $ 30000

Quartz on brecciated fluorite from an exceptionally rare locality in Southern Illinois.  Prior to limestone quarry operations in the vicinity, specimens from Lead Hill (an elongated hill about 3000 ft long and 1000 ft wide) were nearly non-existent in collections.  However, in the last several years old workings were exposed, and specimens such as this, recovered.  At this point, Lead Hill has been completely removed by the quarry operator and consequently there will be no more specimens from the Shipp and Covert Mine.  The specimen is in great condition.