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Quartz with Albite, McCurtain County, OK, Dr. David London Collection L-334, Minature 1.5 x 4.0 x 7.0 cm, $350. Online Sept. 30.


  • $ 35000

Sharp group of Faden quartz (Fadenquarz) crystals with a stack of bright white albite on one side.  No point of attachment.  A rare specimen from alpine-type quartz veins in southeast Oklahoma.  In the words of Dr. London "The quartz veins in SE OK are alpine-type, which is why the quartz has so many habits: very low temperature, lower than veins near Hot Springs (AR).  But K-feldspar of adularia habit and albite are very rare in SE OK.  I did have a specimen with adularia on quartz that I sold long ago.  This is the only one I ever saw with albite." A very aesthetic specimen in great condition.  Ex. Cephis Hall Collection acquired by London in 9/96.