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Pollucite with Elbaite (Achroite) & Quartz on Lepidolite,Talbuzanak Pegmatite,Talbuzanak Pegmatite Field, Koksha Valley, Yaftali Sufla District, Badakhshan Province,Afghanistan, Dr. London Collection L-321, Med. Cab. 6 x 11 x 15 cm, $400. Online Sept. 30


  • $ 40000

A combination of pollucite (rare), elbaite (variety achroite - colorless tourmaline) and quartz on purplish-pink lepidolite.  Pollucite crystal measures 3.5 cm.  Dr. London acquired this specimen from a Pakistani dealer at TGMS 2010.  Illustrated in two London articles in Rocks & Minerals.  In great condition.